I’m proud to report that The Projector lives! Like the famed porpoise rose from the fabled ashes, Mr. Tim Grierson and I are going to be writing about film together again. Starting next week, our essays and reviews will run (roughly) daily on Gawker and Deadspin. We’ll be doing about 4-5 pieces a week; we’re looking for our contributions to be around 50 percent reviews and 50 percent essays, or “Denouements,” as we called them at The Projector. We’re scaling back what we did at The Projector because that was an autonomous full-functioning blog (as opposed to this, which will be a small feature on an established site) and because no matter how hard we tried, we just couldn’t successfully pretend we cared about box office returns or the “Twilight” trailer.

We’ll be posting the reviews/essays on Deadspin and cross-posting them to Gawker, because: a) I’m more comfortable using Deadspin’s interface; B) Craggs is an easier editor to get on the phone than Daulerio; and C) Daulerio’s gonna have other film coverage on Gawker and we don’t want people thinking we’re all there is. We’re very excited about this and do hope people enjoy it. And follow @griersonleitch on Twitter to know everything that’s going on. See you next week.

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    Congrats, Will and Tim and Deadspin and Gawker and people who like smart writing about movies!
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    Congrats to Will and Tim!
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    The technical term for this is “great news."
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