I spent most of my Christmas holiday — a weeklong odyssey of two flights, a cross-country drive and just about every family member covered — finally watching “Breaking Bad.” I had a cockamamie theory for a while that “Mad Men” was a New York show and “Breaking Bad” was a Los Angeles show, but then I actually saw “Breaking Bad” and realized it’s just an amazing show that I was too stupid to watch. I know this is news from two years ago, but still: You guys, “Breaking Bad” is awesome. No excuse not to be watching it, people, particularly you old school comedy folk, who might not even know that Bob Odenkirk has a major role in this show. (And he’s terrific.) Also: Casting Buggin’ Out as a drug kingpin is a masterstroke. But there I go: Babbling on all fanboy. Three seasons in two weeks will do that.

For those people obsessed with it like I now am, a theory: You know that particular shot the producers clearly love, the one shot from inside a container, pointed up at whatever liquid is being poured in? This shot shows up in almost every episode. It’s a cool shot, but they use it all the time. My theory is that it’s foreshadowing for Walt dying by drowning, and we’ll see the last shot of the show from his perspective, as water rushes in around him. It’s my pet theory.

Also, the best episodes are “One Minute,” and Rian Johnson's terrific “Fly.” The show supposedly comes back in July. Hurry.

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    Halfway through season 2...rightly has become my obsession.
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    Yes. Best show on TV.
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