File Under “Department Of ‘Oh Wait NOW You Care About Oversharing?’”

Sorry: I’m STILL not sure what’s wrong with taking a picture of one’s ballot and posting it. (Which I happily did, both in 2012 and 2008.) Seriously. I spend every day on Twitter unwittingly discovering what everyone is watching, eating, shitting and fucking, and suddenly I post a picture of my ballot and I’m an asshole? This is where you draw the line? Remember this when you’re describing your lunch to me. Or when you’re, you know, using Twitter.

(Oh, and please don’t give me that “It’s illegal! You’ll go to jail!" crap. I am very eager to hear the all the stories of those who have spent years in prison violating this obviously-rigidly-enforced-because-it-is-so-important-and-such-a-national-epidemic law.)

(Also, the font is awesome.)

Rant over. Go vote.