"Steven Soderbergh is in early talks to direct “Moneyball,” the Columbia Pictures adaptation of the Michael Lewis book “Moneyball: The Art of Winning An Unfair Game.” Pic will star Brad Pitt and is being adapted by Steven Zaillian."


Some sample dialogue from Moneyball, a Steven Soderbergh joint:

Billy Beane: Hello!
White Sox general manager Ken Williams: Hello.
Beane: How are you?
Williams: Fine.
Beane: Is your wife coming over tonight? Because her big ass always leaves me satisfied.
Williams: Nice of you to mention her. She enjoys sex with you much more than she does with me.
Beane: I’m sure she says that to all the men in the neighborhood.
Williams: You may be right about that one.
Beane: I’ll see you later.
Williams: Okay.

God, wouldn’t it be great if he just merged it with Schizopolis?Joe Morgan would burst into flames.

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